Farnborough OBG FC
AC Wilgar
AC Wilgar

Match Report

Saturday 26th November 2005

Ex Blues
4 - 1
Fourth XI
Tom Hughes


“Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around them, look into my eyes, you’re under! (click) WE WILL WIN ON SATURDAY, WE WILL ON SATURDAY….”

I’ve given up on every other technique, so we all should go and see Kenny Craig!! We’ve tried rollickings and the nicely nicely approach, we’ve tried encouragement and shouting. I’ve even tried the Jose Mourinho coat but to no avail.

We played so well for the first hour of the game, every member of the team wanting the ball and showing the right desire and determination to get a result. Even I played probably my best passes of my career and I was on the line. When Tom Hughes scored each and every player congratulated him showing how good a team spirit is growing in this team.

Then a lapse of concentration and they equalised. Our heads dropped and we all waited for the inevitable defeat. We are a more than capable team to do well in this division but we just need to get our heads out of this cycle of defeats, one result will turn our season! We must all go out and give 110% for the whole game this week, work hard for each other and believe in ourselves.

A Vets player (Richard Cawker) turned up at half time to go as sub if needed and he was shocked at how good we were playing, saying how comfortable we all were on the ball. The whole club think we are playing poorly and aren’t very good, they believe this due to our results and it hurt me when someone said that to me, I hope it''s hurt all of you as much as it has me and we go out and prove them wrong.

Many thanks to Steve Blanchard, Richard Cawker from the Vets and James Somerton for helping us out at very short notice.

Let''s work hard for each other this week and sit in the changing room exhausted and victorious rather than dejected!!