Farnborough OBG FC
AC Wilgar
AC Wilgar

Match Report

Saturday 29th October 2005

South East Athletic
5 - 0
Fourth XI


We all think Des is grey due to old age and a wife….The problem has been the running of the Fourth team; ever since I have joined there has always been the issue of player shortage and last minute phone calls to enable us to field a team. The fact that the Fourth team under his tutelage have climbed up the Bromley leagues and had a few good cup runs under all these problems has not gone unnoticed by the senior players. Always his hard work should be reflected with a higher league position and more victories, as it should all the way through the club. As Shaun as said many times over players need to commit to playing for the club, not float in and out every week, this goes for the whole club not just the First team.

So to league match 7, the scrap of paper was switched to the back of envelope. Hopefully after last week the same players would be available, but alas the heart of midfield was to change, and the twos stole our goalkeeper. The new boys coming in did admirably well, working hard all game.

We had Jon Lakin in goal, Sean Gregory, Ryan McGibbon, Jason Blay and Rob Weekly across the back, midfield of Terry Edwards, Rod Stoyle, Colin Ebdon and Jon Blay, and George and Liam Hillman upfront, with young Tom Hughes on the bench.

The game started OK, I think we made to pass from the kick off, the most we did all day. We were trying hard but kept giving the ball away, inviting the opposition to come onto us, and that they did, continually pressing forward and probing. The game turned at the half hour mark with three quick goals all from mistakes being brutally capitalised upon by the South East strikers. For the record it wasn’t an own goal. The ball was already over the line when I slid to try and save it!!!

Half time and a dejected team came in, everybody worn out and a few carrying injuries and niggles. The second half didn’t improve, we were unable to keep the ball and South East kept ploughing forward searching for more goals. With ten minutes to go they were still not happy with their work rate and wanted more from themselves, something that we could learn from.

We lost, and we must learn from this, there is a lot we can do better and we must work harder. We have a good bunch of talented players and some experienced heads in the team of Sean, Jez and Mark (when he comes round from last week).

The two boys up front need to learn to hold the ball up, control the ball and bring our midfielders into the game, firstly to soak up pressure and secondly it gives more attacking options. I understand they are still learning and Saturday is all part of the process. Our midfielders need to get into the game more, which means everyone needs to talk more and look for passes more instead of just lumping into the corners every time. Our full backs need to get into the game more, want the ball, give a different option to the midfielders instead of just forwards. As a team we all need to talk more, there was only the usual few talking; it’s a team game so we should all be vocal. And Des needs to learn to not talk when he’s doing the line and focus on the game.

This week we will again be fielding a different side since players from our team are unavailable, plus players will drop out all over the club. Considering there are only two games this week with the 1st, 2nd and Sunday team all off I’m hoping we won’t be going with a bare 11, but this is FOBG.

On a separate note Colin Ebdon turned up expecting a VETS team with our name of “Farnborough Old Boys Guild”. He asked Sean why we are called this to which Sean told him to ask me why a club founded in 1932 is called FOBG, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been here this long!!!