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Match Report

Sunday 30th September 2007

Tandridge League
Division 16A

Youth XI
Tristan Bridges, James Keyworth, Alex Wray
3 - 1
Seymour Villa

By Vince Wray

A much better result today, I won’t say much better performance because overall the performances have been good. Apart from some occasional lapses which have cost us dearly. Although it should be noted this was our best display so far.

We are quickly having our suspicions confirmed that this division allows no team or player to make mistakes and not get punished for them. Having had 8 new players come in and 7 players depart over the summer, obviously it takes a while for the team to gel and get used to playing with each other. The signs are good so far and there are still things for us to improve but overall we are slowly starting to polish up in all areas of the team.

We’ve come up against Seymour before and until today they’ve always had the upper hand on us always getting the result instead of ourselves. Skipper Ricky Stevens and Sam Fryer were not available today along with an injured George Burkett, still waiting to play his first game of the season.

This was a very even contest played in a good spirit. We played with our usual confidence and certainly seemed to have the better of the opening exchanges, Bridges, Keyworth and Wray going close. At the other end Carter made some important challenges and won his share of the aerial battle. They took the lead after Milner mishandled a cross, the loose ball falling straight on the head of the opposition. No heads went down and we kept playing, Bridges equalised with a left foot shot on the turn in the penalty area to make it 1-1 at half time. It should be noted that we carved out this chance by hassling their defensive players in possession. We made them make a careless pass and we gained possession and made a useful cross which led to the goal. Bridges had to be substituted soon after this with a heavy knock.

We came under more pressure in the 2nd half with their defence pushed right up to the half way line. That was a careless thing to do remembering that we’ve got bags of pace upfront and so it proved when Wray latched onto a through ball outpacing their defenders and finishing strongly from the edge of the box with a low drive. Again we soaked up more pressure, Milner making a smart save but our defence really done a job. We constantly cleared up and defended well, again winning our share of tackles and headers. At the other end Holmes was desperately unlucky with a low cross-shot and a free kick which hit the bar, as was Carter who had a header scrambled away off the line after hitting the bar also. In the dying minutes Holmes chased down a long clearance, held the ball up and passed it into the path of the onrushing Keyworth, who led a pack of five players trying to get into their box. Keyworth finished coolly past their keeper to make it 3-1.

It’s always a settler to get your first result especially after being promoted to a higher division. This will give the lads more confidence and belief (as if they need it?) and I’m sure they will continue to improve and gel together and go on from here. Well done lads, keep it up!!